AX Installation


I´m trying to install Dynamics AX (client, debugger and bussines conector) but when installer is about to finish simply it stops responding.

I have windows 7 professional, spanish configuration. I have installed the .net framework 4.0 , I tried compatibility with XP , Vista etc (properties for the installer) but it didn’t work.

thanks in advanced.

it takes 20 mins. to 2 hours to install AX. do not panic if you see that it is not responding. just wait patiently


I hope .net framework 4.0 may be the problem.Then u try on the .net franme work 3.5.

And also i suggested follow the installation guide and Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 System Requirements.Then only u will get sucess in inatallation.

Go through the following link it may help


Installing Client, debugger and .NET BC should be very quick.

I have noticed incompatibility issues with DAX 2009 and .NET Framework 4.0. This was already discussed in this forum.

Please install .NET Framework 3.5 and try installing AX components again.

Thanks for all your replies

At the end I reach install Dynamics AX, Simply I noticed that although the installer stops responding , AX appears in start menu; so I opened it and after the installer ends successfully.

Previously I had finalized the installer (after 3 hours or more) although AX was in start menu (I did’nt open it), when I finalized the installer from task manager the installation failed (with a message Client, debugger and Bussines connector was’nt installed) and AX and AX Debugger desappeared from the star menu.

Well this is a detail that I hope be useful for someone.

It was really strange.