AX for Retail - Error 24577


We got the data transfer to work from HQ to POS however POS didn’t want to start up. We kept on getting the “Application is not intialised, the application will shutdown” error.

To solve this error we uninstall Retail POS and re-installed it. Now our data doesn’t want to transfer and now we get the error 24577 in the message db. How can I fix this to ensure data moves smoothly again?

Thanking you in advance



Hi,How u have resolved this issue.can you help me out as i am facing same error.


Does it say anything in the ServerMsg-column? Both ingoing and outgoing tables has that column.

I am facing the same error. At Server Msg said "IDispatch error: 3127 “rbostaffpermissiongroup” not found. I think at the configuration phrase, i have pointed wrong database. How can i fix this?

From the appropriate distribution group, run the read design function again.