AX Data migration.


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I have an ax deployment in 1 domain. Now I have installed ax into a new domain and copied the SQL server database from previous deployment which had SQL server 2005 into SQL Server 2008.

I successfully changed sid and network alias to log inside AX.

So the old database was attached to new deployment. But I dont see my customizations in old deployment in this installations, I can only see companys created…

How can I export/import or move that data ?

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To see your customizations, you have to export appropriate layer (.aod) file. For example, if you work in CUS layer it will cus.aod, if you work in VAR it will be var.aod etc. You have to export the correct layer file. Also you will have to export label files (.ald).

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I do have exported some .xpo files, I think those are my only customisations, are they enough? so that I can have exact copy of my first deployment. How do I export .aod/.ald files?


You can import these XPO files. However you have to consider following -

  • Which layer you are importing into
  • Import with object Ids
  • As long as you import label files separately, you can just import Ax objects

Files such as .aod and .ald can be copied into the application folder. For more info, refer to developers guide. Also search for this forum on these subjects. You will find lots of tips, best practice advices etc.

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I have files named axusr.aod, axsys.aod, axsyp.aod, axgls.aod at following path which around totally are 951 MB at my old deployment.

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics AX\50\Application\Appl\DynamicsAx1

I have only axsys.aod and axusr.aod at my new installation, they are around 754 MB.

Will replacing these files from old installation to new installation do the trick?

Hi Kaustubh,

As long as both Ax versions are similar, you don’t and shouldn’t replace SYS and SYP. You can find Ax 2009 version details here -

It looks you have GLS layer which you can deploy into your other environment (as long as Ax version is one and same)

For more details on layer files, please refer to developer’s help guide.

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Thank you all for replies…

The problem is solved! I did copy axusr.aod and axsys.aod to new installation, and all my customization was there!

Moving the data is one thing and moving the object is another thing.

Did you got the data into second installation?