AX CRM Business Relation

Is it possible to copy or transfer AR Customer to AX CRM Business Relation?

No as standard,.

The process is to create the business relation and create the customer from it, the reverse is not possible.

What happens if you have the customers in AR already.

Can you create Business relation to link to the customers in AR?

That is the same question phrased differently, so the answer is no, it works one way, business relation to customer, not the other. It is the way the system is designed to work, not the other way. I do not agree with the concept, I would prefer to link the customer to a separate business relation, but it is not the way AX works. You can create orphaned contacts to the customer record, but you cannot link them to a business relation.


Thank you very much for the feedback. But I found a way to get it done.

I would like to share this

If you need to create a business relation based on a customer you can do so
two ways:

  1. by pressing the Address book in the left side of the Customer details
    grid, sending you to the Global address book from where you can select Setup
  2. Access the Global Address Book by going to CRM > Global Address Book
    Details and select Setup > Business relation Next, in the business relation
    form create a new Business relation which will be similar to the original

Here are the steps to change the Type from Prospect to customer:

  1. Create a customer in the Customer Details Form. This creates an id in
    Global address book.
  2. Go to CRM - Global address book details and highlight the above customer.
    Click on Setup > Business relations and create a new business relation. Note
    that the type is Prospect and not customer. In fact, Functions > Convert to
    customer is disabled as well.
  3. Now go to the customer form and make some change to customer 4048 (say
    change the language from En-us to En-za and then back to En-us), this will
    automatically synch with the Business relation form and now the Type is
    correctly synched as Customer (instead of Prospect).

Hi Yipster,

That really was helpful. you actually solved one of the major problems i usually face.

Thanks again…

Hi Yipster

Apologies I missed this reply, as Waqar says, thank you. Microsoft state on the training course and in the material it is not possible, and once again I fell into the trap of believing them [:D]. It does indeed help resolve a process gap I have encountered in several places.

Always learning! Thank you.

Hi Adam,

No problem.

Here to help each other out.