AX create picking list journal automatically


When I start the production order, AX will create a picking list journal for me automactially. Where is the set up to disable this feature, and I would like to manually create a picking list journal.


It is interesting that, I have two BOM items. If I create one for ItemA, then AX alwasy creates the picking list journal automatically. But for Item B, there is never a picking list journal created by AX, and I need to create that manually. Anything set up in the item details to make this different?


On the parameters of the start of production you have the picking list creation - you have this set to “Flushing Principle”. The items you see it creating for have a flushing method on the reference tab of the item (AX2009) as start, the ones where it does not are Finish.

Set the picking list journal creation to never to get it not to pick, or untick the post journal option to get it to create it but not post it so you can amend and post, which is the more obvious option if you have a BOM.