AX and Alfresco Integration


Does anyone know of a developer/development company that may have expertise in AX (2009) and Alfresco (

We’d like to investigate the possibility of using Alfresco as a DMS rather than WSS/MOSS.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi James,

We use Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 and wanted to investigate the possibility of developing an integration of Alfresco and Microsoft Dynamics AX.

(Also we know integrations can be done using MOSS/WSS but are excited about the possibilities with Alfresco).

Alfresco installation (community edition is sufficient) and also a MS Dynamics AX 2009 installation so do your own tests and see how the below can be achieved.

The development work will follow in the following phases.

Phase 1: Install and configure Alfresco.
Phase 2: Customise Alfresco to make it easy to use.
Phase 3: Develop integrations with AX.


Smith Taylor

Attune Infocom Inc

Email :

Alfresco Development