AX 7 on premise

Anyone else excited about this, or is it just me?

Is this going to change anyone’s minds about going to the newest version of AX?


What if the right cloud is no cloud?

Entire AX world was waiting for this option. This news is spreading like a wild fire, seeing lots of messages on this subject.

Yeah, it’s about time. If I had to guess, this came as a result of people’s constant complaining and lack of adoption, and not something that was originally planned.

If that’s the case, it’s kind of heartening to know that Microsoft is listening to the community and can respond if the need arises…

It’s a bit more complicated. It was on the roadmap before AX 7 was released - the plan was to release it approximately six months after the first, cloud-only release. Then things went wrong, if nothing else, it was the plan to use Azure Stack, which was delayed and then it was announced that Azure Stack would support only a few pieces of HW. One of the reasons why clients want to run AX on-premises is that they already invested to their data centers and if they had to buy new HW anyway, it wouldn’t help them at all. So the AX team announced that they’re giving up Azure Stack (and therefore the on-premises capabilities). I assume that they announced the on-premises version again after they made a proof of concept of an alternative architecture.

Yeah. I had heard they scrapped the Azure Stack requirements, too. They haven’t released any hardware specs or anything yet, right?

Are you going to the tech conference next week? It’ll be interesting to see how much they talk about it there…

As far as I know, Microsoft haven’t disclosed the new architecture, so I’m not allowed to comment on it. There is a good chance that they’ll show more at the conference.

Yes, I’m going there; arriving on Saturday.