AX 5.0 Client installation error


We have an issue when we install the AX 2009 client with SP and Hotfix.

It is typical in the hotfix install that we get the error. The log is in Danish So I have translated it into to English so if the error message is not excatly rightits my poor tranlations skills :slight_smile:

I run the command:

axupdate.exe LogDir=C:\AxLog\SP1\DynamicsSetupLogHF4102 HideUI=1 AcceptLicenseTerms=1 InstallComponents=1

And somtimes I get this returned:

"=== the unsupervised face starts ===

MSI is not installed and could not update: Components32.msi
The Installation program could not complete the installation.

== the Installation program failed or was cancelled. yu kan find more information in previous messages in the log.

== The installationlog has ended : %DATE and TIME% ErrorLevel/ExitCode:‘1’ "

Now this happens on aprox. 15% of the installations. Often I can simple rerun the installation a couple of times and it comes through. But with 600 installations… its a problem to manually do this on 60+ pc’s every time I update and somtimes when we restall the PC.

I have more than 250 other SW packages that works fine but this one really give my headaches.

Has anyone any kind of an idea of what this error means… Cause offcause there is MSI installed on the PC. :slight_smile:

Lars Klausen