AX 4.0, Purchase Order: quantity fully invoiced but still appearing as ordered

Hello All.

I need your help for a mistake on purchase order. I’m working on AX 4.

I have a row that has been fully received and invoiced. On tab “Quantity” the “deliver remainder” is 0.

On the main tab “Lines” I see the field “quantity” = 300, but the field “ordered” = 292

On transactions, I see 4 different rows: 3 are about the quantity charged in my inventory in 3 different time. The recepit field is “purchased”. I also see a row where the receipt field = ordered and I see the quantity = 292.

I would like to understand how we were able to make this mistake and how to delete the transaction with the ordered quantity that prevents the MRP to suggest to buy.

Any suggestions will be useful.

Thank you so much.


What is the Line status?

It’s “invoiced”.

So these 4 transactions are related to that particular purchLine (same lot id)?

How the purchase order data has been entered(manual or through any other process)?

The purchase order has been released by the MRP, but the other steps (packing slip and invoice) have been entered manually.

The lot ID is the same for all the 4 rows.

The line status invoiced and you still have the transaction with ordered qty, that looks like a data discrepancy.

What is the Reference/Transaction type for that line?

The TransType is “Purchase order” for all the 4 rows.

The other difference, other than the field “statusReceip” is on the field Voucher, invoiceid, packingSlipId, VoucherPhysical that are correctly filled in for the records arriving from the packing slip, but that are empty for the wrong row with status = ordered

I’ve checked this information on the transactions.

I’ve tried to fix it with the function “deliver remaining” but it says “update fully invoiced purchased order”

What are the different qty field values in Quantity tab?

The purchase order has one row with the following value in quantity tab:

deliver remainder: 0
receive now: 0
invoiced: 300
invoice remainder: 0
received: 300
registererd: 0