AX 2012 Year End Close - Making additional entries after close has already occurred

We have already followed the close procedures for our last fiscal year but kept the periods on hold. We have made additional entries to remove some 0 NBV assets and want to now roll forward the accounts to the next fiscal year. When I go to update the balances (load balances) on the fiscal closing sheet, the balances loaded do not match the trial balance at the ending fiscal period. I have not changed the dates of the period of the closing sheet so am stumped at why the balances are changing (accounts for which I did not make entries to). Any help would be appreciated.

can u more elaborate it by dates

Our fiscal year end was December 31, 2013. Before January of 2014 we went through the rolling process of 2013 accounts to 2014. We put the period on hold and did not close it. After our audit it was determined we needed to remove zero net book value assets. Entries were dr. accumulated amortization, cr. cost - all balance sheet and no p&l impact. We now want to roll these accounts (disposal accounts) into 2014 - either to the disposal accounts or to opening cost and opening aa. But when we go into AX - GL - Fiscal year close - closing sheet - pick our F2013 closing sheet - closing accounts - then hit load balances. The balances that are loaded for some accounts do not agree to our ending trial balance at 12/31/2013. Was wondering if anyone has had this happened or if there is anything that I am doing wrong? The closing sheet is set for the period from 1/1/2013 to 12/31/2013.

i think u should check one more time, generate the Trail Balance for the year 2013 and then load the balances, then compare the trail balance Closing amount and the Load balance diff value it should be same.