AX 2012 VS AX 2009

Hi guys,

My company is currently using AX 2009. We are in an evaluation mode whether we should move to AX 2012 or not. Can someone please provide me with a list of features which are the USP of AX 2012 especially for Trade and Logistics.

Early responses would help me save my company a lot of valuable time.

I suggest you contact your local Microsoft sales team , would give the list of features and advantages of AX 2012 .

hi nived

In Summary i can say some changes and features:

1-merge hr and sfc Together

2- Lean Production and just in time method in production

3- add payroll as a module

4-Powerful new capabilities enable creation of more complex workflows

5- and see this page

Hi Nived,

There are lot of benefits your company can avail from AX upgrade. Some of them are:

By tailored UI , easy navigation, reduced operational complexity and more, you can increase the productivity.

It can increase the supply chain planning capabilities and insight to let your business reach sky.

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This is the official document that also gets updated on each release/FP/CU