AX 2012 User Form Setup


We are migrating from AX V4 to 2012 and I cannot find a User Form Setup function. On V4 it is found on: Administration > Users Print Management button - but I vannot find it on 2012 (I have already checked System Administration > Common > Users > Users). Any information grategully received.

What data did the form contain?

This is incorporated module wise. For example Vendor invoice: Accounts payable\Setup\Forms\Form setup.

Hi Martin - thanks for the response,

The data is split into 2 sections: ‘Sales’ & ‘Purchase’. Within each section are settings for the printing of Sales or Purchase order posting s documents (Acknowledgements, Pick Liosts, Delivery Notes, Invoices etc). The settings relare to Printer / OutQ definition, No… of copies, Tray (or Cassette) Number, Print format (Portrait/Landscape) and suchlike. It is basically a user level set of defaults much the same as the module defaults yyou find in SL & PL only they will take precedence for that user. Does this help explain?

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Yes it is also modular based in V4 but there is also an additional (User) level of defaults based on User as described above. In V4, if the user has no defaults then the Moduler defaults are used. This makes sense because users may be distributed accross various sites and using one pronter would be unworkable.

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Should be possible by conditional settings never tried though.

Thanks Kiran, but this only seems to address moduler settings. It looks like AX 2012 does not have the facility for User Defaults for these document settings, which is kind of weird.

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May be I’m going in a wrong path but when you want a user level setting for particular modular document then I think you can use this function. Do let me know if it doesn’t works.