AX 2012 - to have PERIODIC INVENTORY SYSTEM, cancel Perpetual Inventory system


In AX 2012, I would like to use PERIODIC Inventory system.

I would like to cancel the Perpetual system.

I could not find any parameters for doing so.

Any idea where can i find it.


Dear Thomphl

These inventory valuation systems are defined in Item Model Group. You can attach these Groups to each Product.

Below is the Path to define them:

Inventory and Warehouse Management → Setup–> Inventory → Inventory Model Group → Inventory Model Tab


Akhwand Usman


I shall check it out.

Lot of thanks



In the Inventory model tab, I found the Inventory models like, Weighted Average, Standard cost etc.

Now my question is which option do I select if i need to setup PERIODIC INVENTORY method.

In my case, neither I need to track the Issue of materials nor i need to see the stock on hand.

Purely the old and traditional way of managing stock. I will do the Physical inventory count every month end.



Is there any configuration in to indicate the inventory attributes to be Periodic Inventory Model?


As far as I understand, there is no way we can have PERIODIC INVENTORY in AX. The logic behind this is all Computerised System were invented to have ONLINE information about the Quantity and Value of Stock. On the contrary, manual systems are based on Periodic Inventory System where we count the inventory at the Year end and we come to know about the Stock on hand and value at this time only.

Other wise you can create all your inventory items as SERVICE ITEMS, where we don’t track the stock on hand and COGS (Cost of Goods Sold). In AX 2012, we can switch off the STOCKED ITEM in the Inventory Models screen.

Hope the above helps.



You can do this by configuring the system to post to subsidiary legers and then at month end pull all the data into the GL


Can you please elaborate your point.



It is purely financial and not quantity based, so your on hand is real and GL periodic. No access to the system but GL parameters for subsidiary posting will be the start and then periodic to post.

I am interested in Periodic as well:

However I had figured out ONLY one part which is during Purchase Processes where you have Product Receipt - Post as Stocks in Balance Sheet and Purchase Expenditure Posts as Purchases.

However, I want to know during my periodic revaluation, how does the calculation take place and post as Opening Stocks. And Assume I am using FIFO basis.

Thanks in Advance.

I believed is Configuration in your Financial Statements.

Based on your inventory Posting Profiles; Select on of the Purchase Expenditure for Product or Purchase Accruals and placed it as part of the Purchases. As for Closing Stocks, is blatant is the posting profile of your finished goods. Likewise, Opening Stocks is when it is adjusted during Closing and post to the Opening Balances.

Hence make sure your Sales Order, Consumption should be posted as one of the Clearing/Temporary Account.

Hence the Report should be:

Opening Stock XXXX

Purchases XXXX

-Closing Stock (XXXX)