AX 2012 SSRS reports font issue

Hi All,

We are facing AX 2012 SSRS reports font issue with some users for our client during printing of the report.(letters in the report are overlapping and font is not in the proper format and so on).

We tried to do some report related setup at user client level ,also we tried with different printers for the same users but no use.

Please someone help me to fix the issue.

We getting this problem wth standard reports only,like purchase order,sales order.

i am also facing the same problem, did u got any solution for this issue if yes please post here.

Please Give reply ASAP.

Thanks in Advance.

Hima Bindu

Hi Hima,

Please check whether font “Segoe UI” which is default for standard report on client machine as well as on report server

path to check font on machine Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Fonts

No Luck :frowning:

can any one please provide the solution for this URGENT!!!

Thanks in Advance

Are these reports working fine with other users??

The issue is only with few users?