AX 2012 shipping & receipt date


Where do i set up so my shipping date is automatically a day before my receipt date on my sales order header & lines?


I’m assuming that you are in AX2012 and it is the same for all your items, in that case you can go to Accounts receivable\Accounts receivable parameters\Shipments section, enter 1 as Sales lead time. If some of your items has different lead time you should manage it at the item level.


yes ax 2012 and same for each item

i have tried this with the lead time and it is still not doing it, that was the firs thing i looked at, anything else you think?

You need to setup transport time. Inventory and Warehouse Management - Setup - Dstribution - Transport. This is only applicable at the line level when sales lead time etc is used because these can alter by the item and the rules. You can get quite complex with it if you want by mode of delivery, address details etc. If you set a transport time of 1 day for a country only the system on the sales line would take the requested receipt date and take the day off to get the requested ship date.

Thanks Adam

Much Appreciated