AX 2012- Set up for item discount per customer

Hi All,

How can I set up different discount on item for different customers

Item 1 - Customer 1 = 5$

Customer 2 = 4$

Customer 3 = 6$

You use trade agreements and create them through the price journal and the posting of the journal creates the entry (AX2009 you could create them direct, no more in AX2012).


please explain your answer… as i have a similar query i.e i want to apply a discount based on a customer. for example our client is providing 10% discount to their customer 1 on point of sales. i want to fix a percentage of discount for customer and made a trade agreement for account selection = customer 1.

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If you setup a trade agreement for discount of 10% for a selected customer then manually create a sales order and see this come in. However you mention point of sales which is nothing to do with this original post and will relate to retail I presume, so you need to ask the correct question and if it is retail I would suggest posting a new question in the forum.

Already posted a question

please anwer me there :slight_smile: