AX 2012 Roles & privileges


Could anyone please let me know how to enable or disable the Action pane items in privileges?

For example, in for the customer list page , I have given the following privileges :

1.Cust table view

2.Cust table maintain

3.Cust list maintain

4.Cust list view

but when I login with this role, I am able to see only the General and Customer Action panes. The rest of the action pane items like sell, invoice, collect projects are not visible. How to enable these actions.

Any support would be of great help. Thanks.


If you want specifically those, you can go the form in the AOT and review which are the used menu items, then you can go to the menu item and use the cross reference tool (Right click → Add-Ins → Cross-Reference → Used by) to see which is the privilege that gives access to that menu item.

Then you can be assigned those privileges.

This link can also be helpful on how to configure security: