AX 2012 R3 Customer Consignment

How do you handle Customer Consignment Inventory in AX 2012 R3 the the USA.

  • I see it can handle Vendor Consignment.
  • I see information on how you can do Customer Consignment in it in countries other then the US, for example, Hungarian.
  • But I can’t see how to do it i the USA?

Any suggestions?


Anybody have an answer on this?

You would need to define your definition of customer consignment. You hold stock - have they paid for it, or pay for it on shipment etc. In AX it is not really available. RUS has elements like the dimension “Owner” but assuming you turn none of this on you segregate it in a customer held warehouse.

Hi Mike

Can you share how AX2012 R3 best handles Vendor Consignment? Any advice on this would help me greatly.

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Since AX does not have a Customer Consignment module this was what we did.

  1. Create a Warehouse for the Customer i.e “CUST-123, Consignment for customer 123”.
  2. Bring the material into the customer warehouse using a negative Sales Order. This Sales Order represents the quanity the customer shipped for consignment.
  3. Create and process the Item Arrival journal to record the receipt of material into the customer warehouse.
  4. Update the BOM to show customer warehouse as material source.

The customer owned material will have a zero cost.

How does AX2012 R3 cope with Vendor consignment stock?