AX 2012 Production Order Quantity related

Hi All,

I need one help in AX 2012 Production Module:

My Scenario is: I created Production order of 10 Qty, I started with 15, system does not show any error message to stop this. even while doiing report as finish system accept qty more than the started qty.

Please Let me know of there is any setup to stop this. I want AX production user not to start more qty than scheduled.

Please Reply .


The accept error check box on the RAF journal is ticked meaning you do not get the message. Uncheck it. As for starting the 15 is this through MES?

Hi Bigbang, my question would be, why do you start a different qty than created?

I mean, it is possible you don’t know the final qyt you are going to report as finished (RAF) so you need the “Accept error” check mark in this final step to deliver to the inventory more/less qty than started (ie. You created a production order for 1000 nuts, but due to yield/operator effectivness you finally report 1050 nuts to inventory) in this example the Accept error check mark will allow you to give 50 extra nuts to inventory.

But this check mark only work with the report as finished step. You are saying that you created the order for 1000 and then you started a different qty, there is no standard parameter that could avoid you to do so. The assumption is that untill the order is Started, you can change the qty, the dates and even the BOM for that particular work order, that is why the system lets you change the qty, becouse you are about to Start it, so it is still possible at that step. If you look at the Update section of the order you’ll still see the changes that were made in the different stages.


Hi Hector, thanks for response. I understood. But in your screen shot after changing qty from 2 to 4 still system is showing Report remainder as finished ‘2’ means it is not taking the changed started Quantity it is only taking the qty which was created and estimated.But Why it is allowing to take the different Started quantity ‘4’.

My concern is, there must be some check in the system which should warn user that the Production order was creted with X qty and now wgile starting this the qty is different Y… But i dont know if such thing can handle through any parameter setup.???

There is no prevention of this at the start, the reason this is there is that it allows you to start less, there is the option to start more for pre-process where they quantity is the hopefully end quantity that planning uses, but you start more to get to the end due to waste and yield etc.

If you want a message you would need to modify it. There is no check because it allows you to tell it and process this. It checks only at RAF.

You did not answer Hectors question however. Why when the customer has created 2 are they starting 4?

Thanks Adam.

I got the point. Actually in our case, user should not be allowed to change the start qty (minimum than created is ok but not more than created). That is why i was testing the same in the system.

Yes, i would modify as per requirement.