AX 2012: Parent Customers

Anyone had any experience setting up Dynamics to have parent billing customers or some sort of customer hierarchy? I’m looking to set up “Customer #1” for billing purposes with multiple “baby” customers linked underneath it for service purposes. Any thoughts on how to do this?

Use the invoice to account.

Customer#1 is the invoice account and a customer, then Customer#88 does not have an invoice or make payments but orders, and therefore the invoice-to account is set on Customer#88 as Customer#1.

Adam, if I do that, is there an easy way to show which sub-customers are associated with a billing customer? Or would I have to create a custom view within the customer screen?

You can leave the invoice-to account blank on the non-sub customers, or you can use a field like the chain field to link customers into the same group, depends upon the view really, specific relations or all sub-customers etc.

Would this work in AX 2012 and have the credit limit maintained at the Invoice Account, but have the Sales Orders for all linked accounts deplete the credit line?