AX 2012 General Ledger Posting Voucher Transaction issue

Hi Friends,

I am posting a general ledger and after posting m getting two lines with same record and If I check voucher for any of the lines its showing multiple lines with same record. Can anybody suggest me any solution. and what are the classes for general ledger posting in AX 2012 and how these records are inserting in form. If anybody have any idea then please let me know.


Can you tell me which journal you are posting, make sure you have not marked reversing journal check box in journal, if you are posting FA transactions then check in value model two layers are not attached.


Hi Parag,

LedgerVoucherPost class is manage posting. See this class and debug u can find each and everything about posting .

See this link also

M posting general journal and after posting its showing two lines with same record.


Have you checked your transaction as per suggestion mentioned above.

Make sure reversing is not checked in the general tab of the general journal.


Hi Pranav,

M going to GL–> Main Account—clicking Post button-- then showing 2 lines with same record–click any1 of the lines and click Voucher–showing multiples lines with same record. Here is no check box in general tab for reversing and here tables are also shared bt the things is same records r coming multiple times.

Does you mean to say that the ledgers are also same for the voucher? What exactly that account is?

On Voucher, What is the posting layer? On the vouchers, click on Orignal document. You will get to know the origin of transaction. Check this for repeated transaction also.