AX 2012 Financials FX Issue between EUR and GBP in Accounting Currency

Hello All,

A voucher behind a ‘vendor invoice journal’ has been posted somehow as 100 EUR (transaction currency) with an equivalent (accounting currency) also at 100 GBP (i.e. at an exchange rate of 1). Other EUR → GBP transactions for the same day have gone in correctly. Question is

i) At the time of invoice posting is there an option to manually “fix” exchange rates? How else can this happen?

Second issue is that, the vendor was paid 100 EUROS. This has been posted as, say, 90, GBP correctly. Therefore vendor account balances correctly in transaction currency but has created an “artificial” 10 forex in accounting currency that has been cleared / posted during settlement. Second question is

ii) What would be the best way to account for this 10 posting to forex / p &L. Manual options to fix are welcome too.

Thank you

On the setup tab of the journal there is an exchange rate checkbox, allowing a user to define an exchange rate.

If you don’t want that forex entry, you could reverse the vendor invoice an matching payment and post it again

Sorry for the late reply - And thank you Nuno. You have given me something to check & a trail to follow. The user while posting the invoice definitely did not fix the rate yet the system has a 1:1 posting. Need to check other areas.

You’re welcome [:)]