AX 2012 - Data Migration


I am a beginner of using AX 2012. I would require to perform the data migration such as product master, COA, customer, vendor master & etc.

In previous AX version (AX 2009), I used to use the excel import/ export function which is under Administration module. However, i could found this feature in AX 2012.

Does AX 2012 still come with this excel import/ export function? May i know where is it and what are the steps?

Any other better way to handle data migration?


Please see the thread here on DAX 2012 data migration -

Hi Harish,

I’ve tried the excel add in. It works for the simple master data import. But item master involves more than 10 tables. Is there a simplify way to do item master data migration?



No there is no simple way, the shared table and database structure have complicated everything. The Excel add-in is an end-user interface but is not recommended for data migration, as a partner you need to create a migration strategy, this could be in-house scripts and templates, it could be a tool like Atlas or To-Increase Data Migration Studio, but you cannot assume it will be simple and there is no longer a viable tool out of the box in AX2012.

Hi Alice,

As Steve said one alternative is to try writing scripts for the import or use 3rd party tools.

Please note the import tool I uploaded is in Alpha version. Beta version of this tool from MS is long due but it is not clear when it will be released.

Thanks to confirm that excel add- in is an end user interface.

Thanks for the inputs like developer need to write the scripts to import the data in AX .


Lee looks like he may have got a solution for his initial question, but I have another (related) one…

My company has just upgraded from AX 2009 to 2012 and uses Atlas for data migration into Excel. Creating an export template hasn’t been an issue but the exceptionally slow speed of refreshing exported data in Atlas is now a major concern. Before investigating network & hardware capabilities and performance, can anyone else who’s experienced something similar (and who might have identified causes for the poor performance) please advise?



My understanding is that this has always been an issue with Atlas, and with the complications of AX2012 it has exacerbated the issue. However this is not from personal experience. Have you talked to Atlas?


Atlas export/ import is depending on how much data you have. If your data is a lot, the more time you need to wait.

I am using the excel add in to do some of the master data upload. It is also time consuming when the data is getting huge.

If possible, try upload using SQL.



Hi Lee,

It is almost impossible to upload data into AX using SQL. Better to use either Alpha or beta version of Data migration framework from MS. Beta version of this tool is available for download from

Hi Adam ,

Could you post what is meant by Migration strategy and what are all points need to consider ?

Is there any specific templates available for Datamigraton scripts and specific mapping fields from old system to new system ?