ax 2012 data migration tool

Hi all,

please tell me any one how to download ax 2012 data migration toll…??


Available for free download from InformationSource ( website.

Hi Harish,

i went to this site but I’m not getting how to download this from the above link…

Do you have this tool??


Unable to upload this tool in DUG because of file size limit.

Trying SkyDrive for the first time. Link of this tool here -!107&parid=B0646CDFDCE26C83!103&authkey=!AgWRR4apxpbmdyc&Bpub=SDX.SkyDrive&Bsrc=Share

Hope you can access this tool. Otherwise please let me know.

Hi Harish,

do you have any documents regarding how to use this tool…??

currently I’m working on data importing in ax 2012…

Hi Kola,

Other than the documentation in the public domain (, I do not have any other info.