AX 2012 - Coverage Group - Freeze Fence Issues

During our development phases, we tested using the Freeze Fence on various Coverage Groups with good success; planned orders would not and could not be generated, systematically nor manually, for completion inside that window.

I now have a situation where planned orders are being generated inside of my freeze fence on a Coverage Group that applies to Production Orders (via Item Coverage). The freeze fence selector is enabled with 14 entered as the number of days. The freeze fence selector on both of our Master Plans is de-selected, so the Coverage Group parameter should preside.

There were a number of planned orders caught inside the window when the fence was implemented; they were treated appropriately, in that the system did not do anything with them except suggest actions/futures as normal.

Upon manual deletion of any planned orders inside the fence, master planning inserted new planned orders for the same requirements inside the fence. The requirements range from firmed Transfer Orders to Sales Orders; no production line or planned requirements.

If the requirement is a firm requirement such as a TO or SO, does master planning ignore the freeze fence and plan a production order to meet the requirement?