AX 2012: COA combination error

Hi to all!

I encounter a problem in posting transaction in AX 2012 regarding the allowed combination on COA and Financial Dimensions. Let us say I have the below scenario:

*** I have to post an issuance of Item using Inventory Movement Journal with the following journal entries:

debit: 500105-200-300 Item Expense Account - Dept 2 - Product 3

credit: 100403-000-000 Item Asset Account - Default Dept - Default Product

note: the Financial Dimensions are Department and Product

***In my COA Structure, the related setups are:

  1. MainAccount: 100403 + Department: 000 + Product: 000

  2. MainAccount: 500105 + Department: All Values + Product: All Values

***In the Product Master, the default Department is 000, the default Product is 000.

***In the Movement Journal, the shown Department and Product is 000. If I change the Department from 000 to 200 and the Product from 000 to 300, there comes an error in the posting not allowing the combination for 100403-200-300.

What I needed now is to fix the Department and Product to a specific Main Account (just like in AX2009) so that any changes in the Department or Product in the transaction won’t affect all the main accounts. The effect should only on those allowing all values.

Your reply will be very much appreciated.

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Whie posting you need to check "100403-200-300 "this display value is avilable in DimensionAttributeValueCombination table . if it isnt there , needs to create record for this combination.

Hi Lyza,

You need to make the COA structure flexible. It seems that you have specified limited value in COA structure and due to that reason only you are getting error.

Either you need to do setup such that it allows all values or you need to specify more values which can be selected.


Thank you for the replies.

I have tried also the COA structure setup wherein 100403 is allowed to all Departments and Products, it was posted successfully but the outcome is incorrect. All main accounts have the department of 200 and product of 300.

I need to fix the Department and Product to 000 for 100403. However, I need to change the Department and Product for 500105.

This issue happens in Inventory Movement Journal wherein the offset account restricts the selection of the financial dimension in the offset account field. The financial dimension can only be selected in the financial dimension tab. Once changed, all main accounts including the default account per Item is affected.

Is there a way to have a Journal Entry with different Department and/or Product using Inventory Movement Journal?

Thank you.


Hi Lyza,

1.Create Accounting structure by selecting item dimension and deportment dimension

  1. attach this accounting structure to that particular ledger in chart of account form

Hey Lyza,

By selecting Department 000 and Product 000 for mainAccount 100403 you have told the system that those are the only values allowed for that mainaccount. You will have to change the setting for each to be Where Departments is 000 or department is 200 or department is 300, … and also do the same to for product.

Then if you want default values to be shown assign them to your released products in the financial dimension fast tab. Then you should be able to change it.

Thank you again for the replies.

Actually I have done those setups, I just need to find out how to fix the Department and/or Product dimension values in the Asset account so that it will not be affected even if the Financial Dimensions were changed in Inventory Movement Journal, Financial Dimension tab.

The should be entry is:

debit: 500105**-200-300** (Asset account)

credit: 100403**-000-000** (Expense account)

The actual entry becomes:

debit: 500105**-200-300** (Asset account)

credit: 100403**-200-300** (Expense account)

Thank you.