AX 2012 - Changing a Vendor after a Direct Delivery PO has been created

I am running into a issue in which I need to update Vendors for some Purchase Orders that were created using the Direct Delivery Functionality. When I go to the PO Header and select the Vendor and try to update it. The Direct Delivery Address is changed to the Company Default. Example Contoso West. I would like to update the vendor without touching the delivery address. In Direct Deliveries the Direct Delivery address is normally the customer address on the sales order. Also is there a reason why +(add/update address) button is disabled on direct delivery POs?

The direct delivery creates a direct marking and linking. Changing the vendor fundamentally breaks it! The address is disabled because it is taken from the customer delivery address which is naturally the focus of the direct delivery. I would suggest you should not be able to change the vendor, what you should do is cancel the purchase order and tell the vendor, then load a new referenced one from the sales order.

Just ran this through and AX asks you if you want to transfer the vendor information, if you say “No” to this then the address remains the delivery address. You then have to alter the invoice to which impacts on payment terms.

I tested it… As soon as you change the vendor … the address gets changed to the default company. Customer has many POs to change. each of POs with many PO lines. Results below with your suggestion

First row - Delivery Name and Address-> Name and Address get changed to default company

Second row… Delivery Address → Changed to Default company

Second Row -Address → Keeps customer delivery address.

Procurement and Sourcing - Setup - Procurement and Sourcing Parameters - General Tab - Prompt when specifying supplier and invoice account. You have this unchecked, so the standard behaviour of copying the vendor address in is called.

With the line differences you will have had a prompt to update the lines - try it again and select “Yes to all”.

As soon as I choose another vendor, the delivery name and address get changed. I flipped the setting on/off for the “specifying supplier and invoice account” and selected Yes/No with same results… AX just wipes out my customer delivery address. I have hundreds of POs to change to a new vendor so that is why we were looking at just selecting a new vendor without the need to recreate them all…

Okay what is your exact version and if I have it I will test it, but in a standard contoso CU3 database I get the message when I alter the parameter field, and as the name implies “prompt when specifying…” if you create a PO or change it you should get the prompt, if you do not you need to ask if this has been customized. So in “standard” I am asked and can choose, but in yours you cannot, which means it is version or a customization.

AX 2012 Feature Pack…

Closest I can get is FP1 CU3 and it works fine.

With the field ticked do you get the message when you select a vendor on the creation of a new purchase order? If you do not then I would say this has been disabled by code not parameter and you should check your customizations.

Great… It did work…

  1. Procurement and Sourcing - Setup - Procurement and Sourcing Parameters - General Tab - Prompt when specifying supplier and invoice account.(Checked)

  2. When prompted to transfer Vendor Information. Select NO.

Thanks a lot