AX 2012. Change database files folder before installation


I’m trying to install AX 2012 databases in my SQL Server. However, when I do the installation, the mdf and ldf files are stored in C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL10_50.MSSQLSERVER\MSSQL\DATA

In my C drive, I haven’t got much space, so the installation ends in error.

How can I define the path for the database files before installation?. In SQL server, I’ve set the default folders for data and logs, but this setting is ignored by AX 2012 installation. [^o)]

Using SQL Server Management Studio

right-click a server Properties and then select Database settings page. Database default locations is proper setup ?

Yes… this is correctly setup

I don’t know why this setting is ignored by AX installation. I’m using ax 2012 r3

Hi Jack,

Before installing try to free some space. Or you can use and increase the C: Drive Space. Also You can uninstall the SQL from C: drive and Install it on D: Drive or any other drive which is free.

When you try to create an empty database using the SQL Server Management Studio, the default data file path is in C drive ?

When I create a database manually the files are stored in the default folders I setup. This problem is only with AX Installer.