AX 2012 Batch job is Not Running

Hi All,

Whenever i scheduled the batch job to run, the batch job is running and in the batch history it is showing below mentioned error and the message is,

I don’t see the error.

Hi Martin,

Please find the screen here,

Another line,

First of all, please do what the error told you to do (confirm that the constructor doesn’t have any parameters, compile the class and generate CIL).

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your reply.

I have checked the constructor and that is not having any parameters.

But the only thing is if i run the class manually then it is running perfectly…

The tragedy is if i run the class through batch then it is showing this issue.

Please suggest.

Comparing X++ code on client with CIL code on AOS is comparing apples with oranges.

Have you finally generated CIL?

Hi Martin,

Thanks a lot.

I have given the Full CIL. Now it is working fine.

Thanks again.