AX 2012 AIF updating the service after adding fields in intermediate tables

The outbound service was working correctly before my modifications. I added 3 fields to the intermediate tables (2 in header table, 1 in lines table) and updated the document service using Tools > Application Integration Framework > update document service.

I chose my service, checked “Regenerate data object classes”, “update AxBC” classes" and clicked OK.

After updating the document service I created an Outbound port for this service and exported XSD files.

Also exported CSV file. In XSD and CSV files the added 3 fields are missing. Did I miss something? Wasn’t updating the document service enough?

Try the following: Go to the service in AOT, right-click it and choose Add-Ins > Register service. Alternatively, open AifService form (from AOT) and click the Refresh button.

Then find your service in the form and check Status and Error message fields.

I redeployed the service, generated incremental CIL and now I can see the new fields in data policies. But when I click view scheme I’m getting this error: Type ‘’ is not declared.

This error disappeared after registering the service for the second time.