Ax 2009 vpc

Hai ,

am using Ax 2009 it showing a message from 7days as licence Expired.and every one hour it will shouting down.

Is it any way to update licence ?


need Download the new VPC.

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You should download a new one from Partnersource, is the recommendation of MS.

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You can find a new VPC available for download or you can just download the new licence key from the below link.{6CCBE1D6-1CF9-4D11-AEBE-9377E3175834}&NRORIGINALURL=/customersource/documentation/setupguides/MSDYAX2009_DemoToolkit_Refresh4&NRCACHEHINT=Guest&wa=wsignin1.0

Hai sive ,

Thanks For Reply i downloaded new VPc On 24 th,and working fine

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please give me the link , i am note a partner . What should i do to have the file ?


Change your PC Date, i.e., change year as 2006 in your PC and try.

Do you have access to CustomerSource? You can also download it from there.

hi naresh,

can u send link for download VPC