AX 2009 SP2 date?

Does anyone have any information on a release date for AX2009 SP2? We are about to upgrade and want to make sure we do not get going too far down the upgrade path and then have SP2 show up and have to do a lot of work over again.

You would need to speak to your partner, although much of it is partner confidential - it will also depend on where you are in the works regarding localisation issues etc.

We asked our solution provider. No answer. If they knew they would have given me an indication that one would be available, but I understand, not a date.


If you are a customer, please look in customer source for statement of direction (SOD) document.

I might be wrong - but the last time I checked, there were no plans for DAX 2009 SP2. Rather the stress was on the next version of DAX (i.e. ver 6.0).