AX 2009 SP1 Item Type BOM not available

I am newbie to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009. I have SP1 installed and presently I am facing issues with ITEM part.

I am trying to add BOM type of item for production module usage but not able to select in in NEW ITEM form. there i am able to find two options only, ITEM and SERVICE. Item Type BOM is not visible.

Please help me find solution.

Thanks in advance.

Go to the configuration and activate the functionality.

Thanks AdamRoue.

Please tell me in brief. I am not able to get it. I mean tell me how to navigate to this option. I am newbie to Dynamics AX 2009 & 2012.

is this related to license info I have entered during my installation process?


Tushar Makwana


Go to Adminstration module,

and setup>system>Configuration form

There dropdown the logistics folder and mark BOM

Thanks| JK

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