AX 2009 Retail License

Hi All,

i have Ax2009 it the same License for retail or separate License?please tell me as early as possible.


At AX level, there will be one license only.


Hi Pranav,

I installed AX2009,SP1,RU4.I import Ax2009 license only but i am unable to find retail module.

AX2009 License and AX2009 for Retail License are difference. If you have and loaded AX2009 for Retail License so you need to install Retail module.


Have you checked the license configuration in system admin module. Also, is your application version updated to RU7? I remember that was mandatory.

AX has single license only. It is not like you import two different licenses.


Hi Pranav,

Thanks for your replay .I installed RU7 hotfix.still i am unable to find retail module.

Hi all,

We’ve installed Dynamics Ax 2009 for Retail RU8, and are having the same problem. We can see that in our license file there is a Value as follows:

CodeLine #150
Value #/K0DJghZKxdp+yFhIFpaRA==

We’ve checked in PartnerSource and this Value is linked to the Retail Headquarters module. We’ ve followed all the steps for installation (like stopping services). We’ve installed all the components for Retail, synchronized and compiled, we’ve activated the Configuration Keys, and still can’t see the module. We can’t find it over the AOT or SQL.

If we upload the license file again there is a warning message that claims that “License value for ID has not been created.”, this is specially strange because the CodeLine for Retail is 150, but it happens for all the modules and we don’t have any problems in any other module.

If we surf the Internet looking for an answer to this warning message it says that it happens because there are no objects in the AOT with that value (149 in this case), but it doesn’t say how to solve it.

At this point we are in the same situation, we have done everything that is necessary to run retail, but we can’t see the modules.

Any comments will be appreciated.


Hi Jean…

M facing same problem… Please revert if you have resolved it.

I have insttaled AX 2009 with sp1 and Rollup8, then Installed retail Headquarter. Loaded Partnersource developers license. But Retail Module is not visible.

My Doubts: 1. License configuration file showing retail headquarter, but when we load this License file in AX and check, In license information it is not showing Retail Headquarter.

  1. Partnersource developers license is really having retail headquarter component? or we will need to buy seperate license having retail headquarter in it along with all keys of partnersource developers license.

Thanks in advance.

As I have resolved the issue… Thought of sharing the solution with you.

In my case RU8 setup was wrong(Application files were not updating with RU8 patch). I tried with RU7 and retail module got visible after installation of Retail Headquarter and after reimporting license.