AX 2009 reserves stock in QC location in Scale/ILS


i have a problem with AX 2009 reserving product that is in a QC location in Scale (wms) this causes multiple problems, allocation rejections in the WMS, and sales teams advising customers that product is available to complete their orders.

also when i complete a cycle count for a short pick and reconcile the count, having nil product in Scale, AX will not journal (write stock off) due to the product having a reservation against it.

i can manually go into Ax and take the reservation off, than manually journal the product off AX. Time consuming process.

Your Thoughts?

We had to modify the reservation routine to control it by warehouse to avoid these issues with SCALE, but it was also built around a very specific set of requirements fot the SCALE and non-SCALE warehouses and processing. Talk to your partner about your options but essentially with reservations on you need to unreserve to do anything.