AX 2009_ Postal Code_Virtual Compagny


My problem is:

I have the structure.

entity A / entity B share the dirparty collection table.I created a virtual compagny C which regroup entity A and entity B and select the dirparty collection table.

When I create a postal code in entity A and not in the entity B and select it on the tab address (example in vendor form). I cannot attach an address line with the postal code.

Message error is:

For Entity B

The value ‘00125’ in field ‘ZIP/postal Code’ is not found in relating table ‘ZIP/postal Codes’.

Do you have a idea?



What address fields have you virtualised? The postcode is linked to the city, country etc, so there maybe an issue with this, I have a site who have virtulaised the Address and this works without issue (I believe). So is the ZIP 00125 present in the table or not? You create it in A and then try to pick it on the vendor record in A - is that what you are doing?

“You create it in A and then try to pick it on the vendor record in A - is that what you are doing?”

That’s right, I created a postal code and I tried to related it in the vendor detail (tab address). After select the postal code which is linked to city, country … the error message appears when I saved.

I think I hadn’t tell you an important information that before make a virtual compagny (A and B), the compagny A and the compagny B wasn’t shared into a virtual compagny. Some transaction were done. Can it be the problem?

Once you virtualise the tables this is not an issue, however I am not sure your issue is anything to do with the virtual company.

It lets you pick it bit then not write the record implies it is posting it somewhere else and it then does not exist. Have you any modifications around addresses? It may validate in this area and then fail as it is referencing a non-virtual table and therefore does not have the data. Can you de-bug this and see what is calling the error?

I try to de-bug it by creating the same postal code on the orther entity ( I don’t have the technical skill to de-bug it)

There is the new error message:

On entity B

Cannot create a record in Party address mapping (DirPartyAddressRelationshipMapping). Company: gab.
The record already exists.

“Gab” is the virtual compagny for Global address book

Ah AX2009 [:D] a completely different concept with the global address book. Virtualising the addresses in AX2009 is far more complex than in 3 because of the new funcitonality. I would suggest that there are areas of the address process you have not successfully virtualised. You will need to go through all of the virtual tables and those starting “DIR” that are not. You also need to really debug to see the code causing the issue. I would say it is related to the virtual tables and the funcitonality of the global address book, but it is not something I have done in AX2009, mine was in 4.0.

Thank you for your suggestion.
I just remarked that the “employee table” is not concerned. Got the error for "vendor details "and “customer details”

Good news!
We have resolved the problem.

On the AOT, we created a new project.
On this project, we created a new table collection which add the “zip_code” table

After that, we associated this new table collection on the virtual compagny. The “zip_code” table is supposed to be shared with all the compagny defined on the virtual compagny

We restarted the AOS and then, it’s working.