AX 2009 Issue in Table Sync

We are using AX 2009. Added some new field on system table AddressCountryRegion. After that we starting getting error when saving table:

"Cannot execute a data definition language command on ().The SQL database has issued an error.


Problems during SQL data dictionary synchronization.

The operation failed.

Synchronize failed on 1 table(s)

SQL error description: [Microsoft][SQL Native Client][SQL Server]There is already an object named ‘ADDRESSCOUNTRYREGION’ in the database."

We added fields on USR layer. Changes exist in the CUS layer too.

We deleted the object from USR layer, but still facing the same issue.

Can somebody assist on how to resolve this error?

Are there any conflicts with SQLDictionary table?

No. The TableId is same in SQLDIctionary table.

How about the fields? Do you have the same records as the fields in that table or does it still shows the deleted field?

It shows the deleted fields with 0 fieldid. Might be the problem. But we don’t have access to SQL server. Is there anyway to resolve this issue from AX itself?

In SQLDictionary Table? If so try by deleting them from that table.

You have deleted fields from USR layer but it is not getting deleted from SQL Server. There is no option rather than delete these fields from SQL Server and then try to Synchronise the table.

You are right. But the only problem is that we don’t have access to the SQL Server. However, today we found out that our users have been given only read rights on the transaction database. The problem is due to that. It wasn’t related to AX after all. We have asked to provide our user with delete rights.

Deleting from SQL server is not suggested, the synchronization is one way (AX → SQL)


We are not going to delete anything from SQL. Delete rights so that i can rename table, sync it from AX so it will create a new table in SQL & then i will copy data from the old table. After that i have to delete the renamed table from the system. This should resolve the issue, but we cannot perform this tasks with read only rights.

OK, i was replying to the idea of deleting from the SQL data base.


Not sure what the issue was, but PROD database was restored on DEV where we were facing this error & it resolved our issue.