AX 2009 EP with Sharepoint 2010?

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I want to setup a testing machine with Windows 2008 R2, SQL 2008 R2, Sharepoint Server 2010 and Dynamics AX 2009. All of these are already installed and running. AX client is working fine. Now I want to install Enterprise Portal on that server. My problem is, how do I make AX setup to realize that Sharepoint and ASP.NET are already there?

When I select Role center and Enterprise Portal in the setup menu and click next the setup complains about ASP.NET and Window Sharepoint Services not being installed and asks me to install it. Unless these requirements are not met I am not able to click Next. Furthermore in AX setup the .NET BC checkbox is greyed out so I cannot select this.

Can you give me a hint on how to get this running?

Thanks in advance

Hi Dan,

One of the main reason this happens because of multiple versions of ASP.NET gets installed in server.

Unregister all versions of ASP.NET and then register correct version of ASP.NET. Use ‘aspnet_regiis.exe’ for this purpose. For more info -

Looks .NET BC is already installed. After ASP.NET issue is fixed, uninstall .NET BC and reinstall it again.

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Hi Harish,

thanks for the quick reply. But which is the correct version of ASP.NET and do you think this will also solve the problem that Sharepoint 2010 is not recognized?


Hi Dan,

I believe it is ASP.NET 2.0. More info -

Also pleasure correct version of SP is installed for SharePoint.


You need to install “upgrade” the installer files with hotfix kb2278963. This way the installer will recognize Sharepoint 2010.


The previous poster is correct. MS announced compatibility of DAX 2009 with SharePoint 2010 last year in August 2010.

Subsequently they released a patch (or fix) for this compatibility in September 2010. This patch is available for download from PartnerSource and CustomerSource. To download this patch, search for KB 2278963.

More info is available here -

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Thanks a lot.