AX 2009 - deduct warehouse items

Dear All,

I have spare parts warehouse which has different kinds of items like tyres, oil, filters, machine parts or anything. These items are used whenever required by maintenance team. So, the storekeeper is issuing the items by inventory movement. In this way, I want to avoid using inventory movement and want to know is there any feature in AX 2009 which will have proper procedure to deduct these items.


Deducting inventory from the warehouse

  1. outward Inventory movement
    2.Sales order
  2. consuming in Production
  3. Internal movement through transfer orders
    If you are expecting something else, explain in more detail

I know about these transaction types but my scenario is different. The warehouse issue items to several teams to fix lot of maintenance works within the company. I don’t find in AX any functionality which can record the output for a purpose. We are using movements but it is not serving the cause. I want to know where and how it is consumed or deducted. I hope this will be clear.

Then you need an add-on like enterprise asset management, and others like this.

Thanks… It is clear now that AX 2009 is not having this feature but can i customize to add my own transaction types and allow my team to work instead of implementing whole add on.

Of course you can design your own maintenance module if you prefer.

I couldn’t find any resource about customizing ax to add new transaction types. Could you please refer me any resource. Thanks for your support.

Not sure anything like that exists. Design what your want, get a developer to action it. You need to properly design it.

If you want to know where and how items are consumed, you may use financial dimensions, where (Department, Cost centre) how/why (Purpose, Activity). This will give you a financial perspective.
If you just want to know for reporting/inquiries why don’t you just ask a developer to add two extra fields in the journal lines of the movement, or in the header if all the items deducted per journal goes to the same place/purpose.

I agree with you but the item transactions will have reference as TRANSACTION all the time in case of movement. Instead of transaction, i want to see corresponding activity or purpose. As of now I want to know how to add new trans type in ax. Any ideas please let me know.

You need to see a developer for that. If your purpose is to just differentiate transactions, then i wouldn’t recommend adding a new trans type. Rather create a new field/use existing(fin dimensions) to differentiate them.