Ax 2009 crash


We’re having a problem with our AOS, which is crashing at least once a day. It creates some logs but we couldn’t find what is the cause of this problem.

When the AOS crashes the first log is:

Object Server 03: Dialog issued for client-less session [session number]: Internal error number 119 in the script.

Followed by the messages

Object Server 03: Fatal SQL condition during login. Error message: “[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Connection in use”

  • and -

Object Server 03: SQL diagnostics: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Connection in use. Connect information was: Userid = [], Database = [database_name], Server = [server], DSN = [], Other = []

After this nobody can logon in the system until we restart the service.

Does anyone have seen this before?

Thank you

Did you find a solution? I have an AOS that is reporting these error message too. In my case seems to come right after workflow batch job runs.


We didn’t find a solution yet.

In our case it’s not after batch jobs, it crashes any time.


Hi, we found the source of the problem.

The parameter “Maximum buffer size” in the Ax server configuration was set too high.