AX 2009 Batch job got stuck.

Hi everyone,

We are facing an issue where the Batch job was stuck in the status executing. do anyone have some suggestions on this. how to process the same batch job or cancel the batch job.

The batch job is running on server


Hi Raju,

Did u check the Batch Server and Recurrence options for the Batch Job?

U can Cancel the Batch Job from Change Status options.

Befor Cancelling U have to Remove Recurrence options from the Batch Job.

U can process a Batch from BASIC>PERIODIC>BATCH>PROCESSING and Select UR Batch.

Thanks & Re


Thanks for your reply.

yes, the Batch job can be cancelled as suggested by you when the batch job is in the status of “Waiting” but not in Status Of “Executing”. In our case, the status of the batch job is executing, but it not running due to soem unknown reason.