Avoid running approval workflow when receiving PO


I have setup a workflow on a PO. PO has been approved and now we need to do a partial receiving without back order quantity so I have to use “deliver remainder function” to do that. However , the approval status of the order go back to “draft” which is not what I want as the order has already been approved. Any way to setup correctly the workflow to avoid doing approval at that stage? Thanks

Dear Taty,

instead of using delivery remainder function, why don’t you received the items and cancel the remaining quantity of the PO this will change your po status from open order to received and you will be allowed to proceed for invoicing for the same.

hope this will help.

What version are you on? There were limitations that are either in process of being fixed or are fixed on a hotfix. The approach of Hussain will get around it but will lose all reporting on under delivery from ordered to received etc (if you care about that).


we have a solution for the problem. If we work with a functionality then the end result will be… After the delivery remainder function is used the status changes to draft, then, user has to submit it for approval but it gets automatically approved. Doesn’t really go to the approvers.

If the above solution sounds Ok for you, you can try this functionality.

  • Procurement and sourcing> setup> policies> purchasing policies: here you can define a rule “re-approval rule for purchase orders”

  • Include the fields which needs re- approval when a user changes. ( In our case let’s assume we are not going to add any fields, that means though any changes are done PO should be automatically approved.)

  • Define Automatic actions for workflow “approval element with” the condition "

Purchase orders. Requires purchase order re-approval is No.

Below link will help you in detail.


Hi Santosh,. this is actually a great idea. This is exactly what I needed as I have several approval steps amounts , I don’t what to go back again into the approval process due to the fact that i need to request a change to add more information or use a standard function ( such as Cancel remainder quantities).[:)] Thanks

Hi Adam, I am using AX2012 CU6. And Yes we care about Over delivery and Under delivery.

So Santosh has given you the solution with the policy approach.