AVG cost price

Hi All,

We have an item I, with AVG cost price model

We have 2 warehouse W1 with I: cost price = 1000

and W2 with I: cost price = 1500

Everytime making movement journal in warehouse W1 or W2, it suggest the cost price for I from the ITEM MASTER. But will update ledger and invennt trans with value 1000 or 1500 depent on W1 or W2.

So after posting, the Journal Report value will different from Invent Trans report value and Ledger Trans report value.

Has anyone solve this? It is really hard to for users because they never know what cost will be posted. And after posting, system doesn’t update the journal and these 3 reports still not balance.

Thank you very much.

Hi Khue
The cost price in the movement journal will be used when you put something INTO inventory, e.g. you find an item somewhere and want to put it into your inventory. Then it must get a value and thats the value from the item table.
When items are going out of the inventory, the system always uses the average cost price (exception: you use a standard cost price model). There is no way you can avoid this at the time of the booking (only later with an inventory recalc).
Depending on whether you book a positive or negative amount in the movement journal, it will either use the cost price shown or not.

Thank you Helmut. Could you please help me further.

Our users have:

  • Create a movement journal (issue): with Qty -10, cost amount -100, but system update ledger trans and invent trans 110. because the cost price was picked when posting, not when entering journal trans.

  • Then they create another journal (receipt): with Qty 10, cost amount (100 +2).

100+2 is to receipt goods with packing cost.

Now we found that they SHOULD receipt good with cost amount (110 +2). But we can not do the reversion as system doesn’t allow to choose the cost amount when issue.

Hope you can help.

Now got it.

Have to do the Inventory Adjustment and then recalculate the cost.

Thank you all