Average , Unit cost is Negative in itemcard

Hi ,

I am working Navsion 4.0 sp3.

I have one item . Costing method = FIFO , Replenish ment = Production

When I go to that item card . I have the positive qty in item card.

But when check the fields Average cost , Unit cost field shows Negative.

Could I know the reason.

How to solve the problem .

I really need experts help to solve this problem.


Try the following:

Run the Adjust Cost Item Entries batch job (Purchase >> Inventory & Costing>>Costing >> Adjust Cost Item Entries).

If the database size is large,then this batch job can take very long time.

I suggest first you do this on local (test) database and if everything seems ok then do on production server.

Thanks Dhan Raj,

We run that Batch Job AICE . still it is showing that negative values.

What my question is can I know the reasons why I am getting that negative values.

We had not done any customization .

Please throw some light on this.

Following two post may answer your query:



PS: Search is your best friend, please use it.

You will need to analyse the item ledger and sttached value entries to understand why the system is calculating in the manner it is.

Thanks Steven sir,

could u throw the steps what i have to check to find out the probelm.

i am not able to understand where to strat and how to find that problem.

Pleae throw some valulable suggestions on this…

Go to your item, go to the average cost field, press F6 to bring up the value entries, start filtering to start investigating. It should be pretty obvious if you have a negative average cost. You should also look at your BOM, run the detailed calculation report on your item - what is the total cost Navision expects?

Thank You Steven,

For your valuable suggestions

I gone through that Report Detailed Caluclation as u suggested.

In that reports all rawmaterials unit costs are shows Postive values and same as Capacity costs also in Positive.

But In that report In down part there is field called Unit cost , it is showing negative value.

I gone through that code for that field , it says Unit cost = Item . Unit cost .

So please throw the solution how to trace that Negative value.

Thanks and regards

As stated earlier you need to investigate the item ledger and value entries to uncover why they are negative - you simply need to look at the data and investigate it, not much anyone else can do here except dial in and look at your data - it is time for you to investigate the lines that make up the final cost and discover the reasons behind the values.