Avalara Performance Issue

I have 2 Avalara related topics to discuss:

  1. “Extensive Logging” turned on or off in Avatax Configuration.
  2. Starting on 6/6/22 Avalara Service has slowed down and remained slower since (this will be a separate topic)

We have NAV 2018 and have both Avalara and ChargeLogic as 2 our our add-ons. I mention ChargeLogic just because it adds complexity to the Avalara integration as many of you already know. We have had Avalara since 2005 so are no stranger to how it works. During our busy season it is not uncommon for us to post 10,000+ sales orders which means lots of tax calls.

Our posting started taking longer on 6/6/22 and through a series of tests I have found it to be related to Avalara. In doing this I ran into an option in the Avatax Configuration called “Extensive Logging”. This option creates a log on the NAV service tier in the following folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Avalara\AvaTax Connect Adapter\Bin\logs. Every Gettax from releasing an order and Gettax/Commit from posting an order is logged here. For kicks I turned this off to see if it would make a difference in posting an order and it reduced the posting time for a 2 line order from about 1.75 seconds to 1 second consistently. The reason I know this is that I have my own log to capture how longer it takes to post each order. .75 seconds may not seem like a lot but when posting 10,000 orders that is over 2 hours additional time!

Avalara so far is saying to keep that turned on though they haven’t told me why yet. Pretty sure as I work the ticket with Avalara they will agree that it is ok to turn it off. So my big question is “Does anyone have experience with this field or are you running Avalara with this turned off?”

Answer to my own ticket. “Extensive Logging” is not required just as you would have thought (per Avalara). I turned this off and now orders are posting about 1 second faster then before, massive difference in the grand scheme of things.

If you want invoicing to be faster (and you have Avalara) I strongly recommend you turn this option off. It is meant to be turned on only when you need it for a short period of time to look at Avalara performance issues.