Autorisation and table session


I’m french so sorry for my mistakes:

We just set up Dynamics NAV and we start managing permissions. I have this error message but I can not find the table 229, the message to the connection is:

The following SQL server error or errors occured when accessing the session table: 229, “42000” , [Microsoft] [ODBC SQL server Driver] [SQL server] L’autorisation SELECT a été refusée sur l’objet “Session” , base de données “TestRH”, schéma “dbo”.

Thank you if you have an answer

Try to synchronize.

Thank you, it is ok

What is the solution please?

The solution was:

Wow wow :!:Do not give normal users the permissions to DB_Owner :!:
Thats fatal :!:

With using 4.03 and standard security model and you read in your source the session table (view), u must grant permissions to this view. All user use database role public. so give under Database → Security → Roles → Database Roles → Public → Securables → Add → Specific Objects → Views → [dbo].Session → Permission Select → Grant. These are steps for SQL 2005.

Easier go to Database → new querywindow → grant select on “Session” to public