Automayically generate quarantine order at the time of Purchase Order Registration (Through Update line > Registration)

Hi all,

Can we generate quarantine order automatically at the time of Purchase Order registration ?

If yes what are the prequisite setups for the same ?

Also wanted to know what are other ways to generate quarantine orders automatically ?

I was referring the standard AX 2012 PDF where they have mentioned below options.Out of that I know first option (After Product Receipt posting) & out of other I tried the same after Purchase Registration,but no result.Rest options i have not tried yet,

Refer below mentioned options that Microsoft suggests,

  1. On Product receipt update (Purchase)

  2. On Report as finished

  3. On registration (Purchase)

  4. Item arrival journal/Input Pallet transport.


Nitin Patel

For the item that you are registering, make sure that the “quarantine management” is selected for the “Item model group” that is attached for the item. While registering, register the items to the Quarantine warehouse.

Same case with option:4

Hi Santosh,

Thanks for your quick reply.

I tried as you suggested,but it’s not generating the quarantine order in AX 2012.

Pl. note that I have made below mentioned setups,

  1. Item Model group setup : Registration requirement is marked “yes”,Quarantine management is marked “yes”

  2. Receiving Warehouse have quarantine warehouse attached.

  3. Tried for registration after changing the receiving warehouse to quarantine warehouse & location also.

  4. Also I posted the product receipt after registration,then also no quarabtine order is generated.


Nitin Patel

Was it a new purchase order or one you previoulsy created?

what is the item type for that item. Also, very whether the"stocked item" is checked in the Item model group.

Click Inventory and warehouse management > Periodic > Arrival overview.

Locate the line of the return order that you want to post, select its Select for arrival box, and then click Start arrival.

Click Journals > Show arrivals from receipts to open the Location journal form.

Make any necessary updates, and then click Post…

Now click the show journal button on the message window “Journal has been created”

Open Journal lines and in second tab (I think General). There is a checkbox for quarantine management.

Now validate and post the Journal.

If the journal gets posted successfully then the quarantine order get created which can be seen in quarantine management.

Hi all,

Thanks for your reply.

It was my mistake that I was using old purchase order & was enabling/disabling the model group.Instead I tried with new purchase order,then I was able to generate the quarantile order.

But now again on equestion is still there,

After generating the quarantine order through Purchase order registration,although I have not ended the quarantine order still i was able to post the Product receipt.System should not allow the same.Isn’t it ?


Nitin Patel

Hi all,

After generating the quarantine order through Purchase order registration,although I have not ended the quarantine order still i was able to post the Product receipt.System should not allow the same.Isn’t it ?


Nitin Patel


When you try to do Invoice, it will throw error like material at Quarantine WH and needs to END.

It should have booked the stock in and then moved it to the associated quarantine warehouse which is how “Quarantine” works.

If you want to prevent the physical booking in of stock prior to an “inspection” you need to use quality orders.

Do we have the option to create the Quality orders automatically before the product receipt ?

If Yes, Can you share the path ?

Inventory and Warehouse Management - Setup - Quality Control - Quality Associations.

Set document type to product receipt and the Execution to Before. I do not like this process, but it can be achieved. If your process has the step to generate the receipts list prior to receipt every time I would use this to perform this instead (but no one uses this option really)

Hi Sarathy,

I tried to post the invoice without ending the quarantine order & it was posted.

Then I don’t know the purpose behind to generating the quarantine order.


Nitin Patel

Look at the warehouse location of your stock.

Thanks Steven.

Hi everybody,

What if I do purchase order registration but do not want system automatic to create the quarantine order, quarantine order only automatic create during posting of the packing slip, does anyone know any setting for this requirement?

Inventory model group I checked Quarantine management, but no checked Registration requirements.

Thanks so much.

We are trying to have quality orders generate this way (before the product receipt) in 2012 R2. However, the quality orders are not automatically generating and the picking list posts with no issues. The process we are currently using is to confirm the purchase order and then generate the product receipt. Are we missing something in the process that would allow the settings of “Before” and “Picking list” to generate a quality order?

Thanks in advance,