Automation Test Toolkit in NAV 2016

I would like to test my customization around the purchase flow in a Cronus demo database using Automation Test ToolKit. It’s a simple customization and i would like to test it, that it shouldn’t break the normal purchase flow. There are so much of Libraries been provided by microsoft and it’s tedious for me to pick the exact library. So please give me some suggestion, as there are only few articles are available around this area.

HI Saravanan,
I’m just starting up learning this my self. But as far as I can see, then it’s suggested that you build your own tests, rather than customizing the existing. Still not exactly sure how to do it either.

Maybe [mention:5241d4a0c2cb47ca937f46e444a2185c:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] can answer it? [:)]

Hey guys,

I had seen your question Saravan, but am to busy performing a week long training. However Erik triggered me just now.

Reading your “requirement” I guess you want to also run the standard test that test the purchase flow. With the standard test toolset it is possible to determine what objects are being touched by what test. In this way you can pick out test that will touch on the objects you have changed and run these test only.

Next to that I understand you would like to create new test that will test specifically the new functionality you did put into the system. Whta libraries to use for that? It’s learning by doing. Have a look how standard tests are setup and are using these libraries.