Automation server? unknown automation server---- > can any one help

Hi all,

Iam working on other one person code in Navision. he has a code unit which uses an automation server. see picture :

I was informed that I have to install a certain program in order to have this 2 automation server working! which I did, Navision is working fine but I canot compile the code unit which has those 2 automation server!.

even though I installed the program and I made sure that i did it correctly i cannot find those automation server.

would any one tell me please how to be able to see able to regeister this programe correctlly? Thanks

Does this make any since to anyone?

Bank@1000000010 : Automation “{D7743675-2BBA-49DD-AD90-1680A404EAD5} 1.0:{DB3E185E-C140-46C2-9C62-F4A4E81E0B8F}:‘CDG_DynNavSRSToolBox’.BankManager”;

BankEdit@1000000011 : Automation “{D7743675-2BBA-49DD-AD90-1680A404EAD5} 1.0:{8B427659-749B-4CFC-870E-A4CD1777C229}:‘CDG_DynNavSRSToolBox’.BankEditor”;

You are missing those COM Components.

It seems as not a standard component , get hold of your “ex colleague” and get the component.



go to variable list, remove the Unknown… value from the subtype and click the assist button. then search for the automation that sounds like CDG_DynNavSRSToolBox or DynNavSRSToolBox or something like that. select it then, you get then the list of the embedded classes. select BankManager. Voila.


Thanks All for the Help