Automating Email and Outlook 2002

MS 2002 has a new security feature that requires a user to accept access when another program attempts to use an automation control to create an email. I have tried using the Navision MAP control and Outlook automation controls. Both have the same problem. This is a show stopper for my current application as it will be unmanned email on a back end system. I’ve tried every option in outlook that I can think of. Has anyone solved this?

Hi, This can be solved only if you use Exchange Server. Microsoft provide special form where you can cancel this message. You can find additional info on Q262631 OL2000: Information About the Outlook E-mail Security Update

Ehh, Navision N3 (or Avista as it was known as in the US - the character based product) has never been able to integrate to Outlook nor Exchange. I would be happy to know more about this. Or if you are using the wrong forum. [;)]

You can accomplish this by using CDO objects instead or even easier use 's mailIT which is made for 3.56